37-Step Flow Optimization

Project Overview

Optimize and simplify INDOCHINO’s purchase flow for multiple customer segments and increase conversions for the business.
Indochino post-purchase page and user flow


In 2014, INDOCHINO was the leader in custom suits and made to measure apparel online. At the time, customers were required to walkthrough a 37-steps of customizations, measurements and a checkout process. We needed a solution and strategy to simplify the purchase funnel. This was clearly a high effort and tedious process for customers to purchase online.

Planning and Desired Outcome

1. Simplify the purchase flow
2. Identify different approaches for different customer segments
3. Consider mobile vs desktop purchase behaviours

Research and Analysis

After gathering data, analytics, feedback, and watching customer recordings, here is what we discovered:

• 60% of customers abandoned the flow during the measurement stage of the experience
• 50% of customers took up to a week to complete the measurement process before proceeding to checkout
• Customers using the desktop experience converted drastically higher than the mobile experience

It was evident that the measurement flow was high effort and a deterrent to the user flow. Having access to user testing, robust A/B split test and optimization tools, we meticulously designed and tested several flows.

Buy Now User Flow

For the first iteration, the “Buy Now Flow” allowed customers to purchase items quickly. We A/B split tested this flow against our current flow.

Completing your Order

We restructured the customization and measurement steps to appear post-purchase.
The flow required a unique post-purchase page that allowed customers to customize and measure themselves at any given time after purchasing the product.
•  Allowed customers to quickly take advantage of limited time offers and promotions
•  Allowed customers to purchase easily on mobile devices

•  Customers criticized they could not customize their items pre-purchase
•  Customers were not aware of some customization options
•  Customers commonly forget to measure/customize their suit

Customize Now User Flow

For the second iteration, this flow allowed customers to customize their items pre-purchase and measure themselves whenever they wanted post-purchase.
Customers appreciated tinkering with customizations

High percentage of customers abandoned on mobile devices

Combining Buy Now and Customize Now

Taking the previous data, we combined the best of both tests. By adding both “Buy now” and “Customize Now” CTAs on the PDP, we reaped the benefits of both flows.
Optimization image

Key insights

•  Allowed multiple behavioural segments to pick and choose their purchase adventure
•  Allowed customers to take advantage of promotions and offers quickly
•  Allowed customers to purchase on mobile easily, and continue measurements and customizations on their desktop
•  Allowed customers to see and understand customization options to help them with their purchasing decision

The Results

• Increased company revenue 30% year over year
• 15% increase in mobile conversions
• Unlocked ability to create more helpful features for the customers like Buy this Outfit and The Wedding Planner
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