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The Wedding Planner

In 2016, capturing the wedding market was a high priority for Indochino. The business owners needed an elegant solution to organize wedding parties and their outfits online. After weeks of research and defining requirements, I delivered a UX solution that had 3 major design requirements: ability to assemble multiple outfits; customize partial or all outfits; partial or full payment options for all members of the party.

Whiteboarding a Solution

As meetings around the 'weddings flow' started, we gathered and prioritized key features that this solution would require. We went through numerous rounds of discussions and wireframes on paper, post-its and white board. I sketched the entire wireframe, at a high-level, on a whiteboard to align all teams on this particular project to refer to.

Mockup & Prototype

Once key features and requirements were approved, I began designing quick mockups using Sketch to receive feedback from stakeholders, creative and development teams. After numerous rounds of mockup iterations, I plugged the frames into Flinto - a prototyping tool to communicate the interaction and transitional elements.

Delivering Deliverables

Before passing the design specifications to developers, I underwent multiple rounds of user testing and feedback with the QA team and the rest of the company internally. We continued testing the flow with friends and family, gaining valuable feedback. The following screens are the final mockups of the 'Wedding Planner' before going into development.

1. The Introduction Screen

It was imperative to quickly explain to the user/customer of what the 'Wedding Planner' was before they started. The introduction screen (or 'onboarding screen' we called it internally) was a summary of the flow.

2. Wedding Calendar

The wedding calendar was the first screen that prompted the user. The calendar served two purposes - collection wedding day information was obvious, but to communicate and ensure customers are assembling their outfits 3 months before the wedding day. Why? It takes about 4 weeks to tailor a custom suit, another 4 weeks if a remake is required, and another week or two to make alterations.

If the customer's wedding was within the 3 month constraint, a popup would appear telling the customer to call customer service if they would like to proceed.

3. Assembling the Outfits

The next screen prompted user's to assemble their outfits for themselves and/or their wedding party. We presented the user with vignette's of wedding ideas and inspiration. The user can click a vignette and assemble their outfit based on a suit and/or a shirt and/or accessory. The user can then assign the outfit to a particular member of their wedding party: grooms man, best man, father of the bride, etc.

4. Customizing Outfits

The next screen was optional. The user had the ability to customize all or part of the wedding parties outfits. This ensured the wedding party's outfits to be consistent (imagine mixing large and slim lapels). If the user skipped this step, that gave the members of the party ability to customize their own outfit.

5. Wedding Party Details

The final step consisted of filling in each members names, emails and assigning an outfit that was assembled in the previous screen. After tapping the 'Notify Party' call-to-action an email is sent to every party member.

Each member of the party received an email with details of the wedding party, the outfit and a link to the shared private 'Group Dashboard' everyone has access to.

6. The Group Dashboard

The 'group dashboard' is a private page that each member has access to. It gives everyone the ability to purchase their own outfit, purchase other member's outfit, keep track of everyone else's outfit and leave comments.

This messaging board allowed the owner of the party to keep track of everybody's status. It also allowed customer services to keep track of each wedding party at a high level to ensure a successful delivery.

The Final Result

The 'Wedding Planner' went through a few iterations of changes and bug fixes but was successfully delivered within 12 weeks. It was also featured in several blogs and websites.

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