Mobile First E-Commerce App

Project Overview

A mobile first e-commerce solution for small businesses. Our app allowed users to build and manage an e-commerce site using their mobile phone.


In 2013, our team focused on a simple and easy to use tool for individuals and small businesses to build their e-commerce experience using their mobile phone. Our research found that small businesses did not have time or bandwidth to manage an e-commerce site, let alone try to develop and build one.

Planning and desired outcome

1.  Allow customers to easily build and manage a site on their smartphone
2.  Allow customers to take product images using their phone and upload directly to their e-commerce site
3.  Offer customer tools to communicate with their customers
4.  Ability to manage inventory and receive payments

UX Process

After brainstorming, defining the customer's problem, strategy, user flows and overall vision, we designed a mobile-first solution for small businesses to get their e-commerce store up running.

New customer entry point

After signing up, users were shown tips and requirements of how to get their shop up and running. These steps consisted of taking photos of your products, snap a picture of their storefront, and connect their bank account to receive payments.

Communication tools

On PICTA shops, owners had the ability to turn the messaging form on and off - this allowed customers and the owner to communicate easily and effectively to answer any questions for clarification.

Products and shop management

The app allowed customers to take pictures of their products, apply filters to images and add and edit the product descriptions. Users can also add additional information and payment requirements such as taxes and shipping rates.

Payment Management

Stripe was integrated into the app to easily receive payments.

E-Commerce website

Once the user adds their business information and upload product images and descriptions, a full website was generated and live on production. The user can either host their site on or point their existing domains to the app.
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