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Picta Shops App

In 2013, our team created a simple e-commerce solution for small to medium sized businesses. Our research found that small businesses did not have time to manage a whole e-commerce site, let alone build one. Our app was a cross-breed of Instagram and Shopify. The simplicity of taking product shots and building an e-commerce website with your smartphone.

Strategy & Vision

After research, we narrowed our product down to these key features -  Professional looking product shots, customer messaging, simple inventory tracking and payment system. I created frameworks and prototypes to share the vision, design principles and content strategy.

Planning & Scope Definition

I defined the product with my project managing partners. I evangelized customer goals and balanced business goals. I prioritized and negotiated features for launch and beyond.

Design Execution & Validation

I designed and presented works to gain buy‐in from stakeholders and many customers throughout the project lifecycle.

Login and Home Screen

On first use, users are prompted with an email and password screen. After logging in or signing up, first time users will be shown 'Getting started' tips, key requirements to get there PICTA SHOP up and running. This consisted of uploading or taking products shots with your phone, take a picture of your storefront for your PICTA website and creating an Stripe account to receive payments.

Customer Messaging

As users sign up, they immediate have there own online e-commerce site with the url PICTA.COM/STORENAME. When customers visit the URL, they have the ability to message the owner. The owner then received the message via the app in the messaging section.

Edit products & shop information

Store owners can easily create a full e-commerce website using the app. We made the feature similar to Instagram where users can use photo filters to enhance their product shots. Users can also take a picture or upload there store logo/avatar and hero banner on the app. They also had the ability to set the inventory amounts, taxes and shipping rates.

Picta E-commerce Site

The screenshot below shows the final result after uploading product shots and information, shop avatars and hero banner. Websites were freely hosted on PICTA.com and users were charged a small fee for each product they sold.

The Product Page

Payment Options & Settings

We used Stripe as our provider to receive payments and charged users 3.5% for using our service. Settings were standard in the app, but we also gave the ability to share products to various social media platforms. This was a marketing tool users could use to market their products and PICTA SHOP online.

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