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TATZOO Marketplace

Tatzoo is a marketplace for tattoo artists to showcase their work and take deposits for reservations online - I had the opportunity to lead the design and branding. The research, design and development took about 3.5 months to complete with our team.

The TATZOO Homepage

Artists and customers are greeted with a carousel of artist work available on the site. We also featured early adopting artists and their work on our front page.

The Artist Profile Page

The artist pages consisted of information about the artist, a grid of their work and a bold call-to-action for customers to request a tattoo session. We made the platform easy for artists to quickly add, edit or remove content on their page with a WYSIWYG feature.

Requesting a Session

A customer can request a session by tapping the 'Request a Session' call-to-action. We collect the most essential information of the customer's tattoo needs and try to keep the information as minimal as possible for the customer to complete the form quickly.

Customer Request Page

Once a request is made, a private request page is generated for both the artist and customer to refer to. An artist has the ability to accept or reject the request based on the customers requirements. If the artist accepts the customers request, the customer is prompted to make a deposit to reserve his spot for the date requested. The artist also has the ability to modify dates and deposit amounts of their pleasing.

The Final Result

The minimum viable product took 12 weeks to research, develop and launch. We recruited 25 artists for our initial launch and had about 40+ bookings on launch day. Our marketing strategy was simple - get the artists to post a link to their profile page on their social media profile pages.

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