The Service Bundle Builder

Project Overview

Building a bundle builder tool that allows customers to see the breath of all of TELUS services and product offerings, as well as giving customers control and price transparency.
Bundle builder hero image


In 2019, the new customer acquisition team conducted extensive and in-depth research of the customer journey, extensive competitive analysis, and conducted benchmark tests.

Some high-level findings

1. Customers liked tinkering with products to see what fits within their needs and budget
2. Customers wanted an easy way to compare plans and services
3. Customers wanted to understand how pricing, discounts and savings work.
4. Account for multiple customer segments and purchase behaviours

UX Process

After defining the business and customer requirements, user flows, content strategy and overall vision, we explored, sketched and user tested several directions.

Minimum viable experience

It was very easy to fall into a rabbit hole of features and components to launch, but to keep the scope minimal, we designed and tested a minimal viable experience that we can launch - testing every aspect of the bundle builder from the selector, toggles, carousel, plan cards and content.

The Results

•  Increased bundle/attachment rate by 25%
-  Increased graduation rate by 8%
-  Drastically shortened the purchase funnel by 32%
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