Interstitial Page and Flow Simplification

Project Overview

Simplify the purchase flow, allow customers to customize their services and allow marketing to provide special offers, upsells and cross sells.


In 2019, the new acquisition team was mandated to audit and evaluate our entire online experience and propose design solutions to relentlessly simplify and improve our online purchase flow to increase conversions.

Research and analysis

We had UX researchers conduct in-depth generative and evaluative research with our customers, stakeholders, competitors and benchmark studies with our current digital experience.

Main pain points

1. It took high effort for customers to get through the current purchase flow
2. Customers needed specific pieces of information to be confident in their purchase decision
3. Different customers required different pathways, messaging and components to instill confidence in their purchase decision

Current purchase flow

After research, benchmark testing and gathering data, we identified areas for customer experience improvement.

Simplified flow

We designed and user tested several approaches, as seen below. We found the sweet spot with a combination of having bundled product pages and having an interstitial page.

The Importance of the Interstitial Page

The interstitial page allowed customers to:
1. Review and confirm their selections
2. Customize their services
3. Allow the business to upsell and cross sell products and services

Here are some early explorations:

User testing

We tested and iterated every common customer scenario of the interstitial page; from the overall flow, down to its components. Here’s where we are today…

The Results

• Increased conversions 15% month over month
• Increased attachment rate by 20%
• Decreased journey steps by 37%
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